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Laundry Service

Baan Sunanta Hua Hin operates cheap laundry service for our guest convinience. Please let the manager or cleaner know when laundry service is required. Please see the laundry price list below.

Prices in Thai (THB)

T-shirt 15 Night wear 25 Bed cover (King size) 90
Shirth 20 Long dress 25 Bed cover (Single size) 50
Shorts 15 Short dress 25 Bed sheet (King size) 25
Pants 25 Socks 10 Bed sheet (Single size) 20
Underwear 10 Carpet towel 15 Pillow case 10
Swimsuit 10 Towel small 10 Padding small 55
Cushion case small 15 Towel medium 15 Padding large 80
Cushion case medium 25 Towel large 20 Sofa's mattress cover 35
* Please note that prices might change without notice